• The Furniture of Flooring

    The Furniture of Flooring

    Since our foundation in 1988 Victorian Woodworks’ reputation for excellence has been built on a passion for bringing new life and beauty to antique wood. Our craftsmen have spent many years creating what have become some of the finest character wood floors in the world. Often a single floor component is handled and a dozen times to achieve our famous textures, some polished to achieve a silken finish more akin to that of antique furniture. And this is how we see all our floors, from antique panels to new oak boards: pieces of furniture, works of art, conversation pieces to last generations.


  • Curiouser and Curiouser…

    Curiouser and Curiouser…

    We have spent many years acquiring specialist knowledge about timbers from across the globe. In the process we have acquired a storehouse of insights, not just the technical facts, but also the social and economic history of wood in its use as flooring. Our studies have taken us from national museums to Roman archaeological excavations. From French chateaux to English Palaces, these places have guided us in our pursuit of the finest woods for the finest floors.