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The National Portrait Gallery, housing portraits of historically important and famous British people, was the first portrait gallery in the world when it opened in 1856. Architect Ewan Christian, recipient of RIBA’s famed Royal Gold Medal for Architecture, designed the current site, which was funded by philanthropist William Henry Alexander.

Aligning with the gallery’s respect for craftsmanship and dedication to ethical policies, Victorian Woodworks provided parquet woodblocks from its Miltonia Collection.

Installed as a striking herringbone pattern, laid perpendicular the walls instead of the traditional ‘V’ pattern herringbone. The multi directional grain from each woodblock reflects the light to create a stunning feature floor without detracting from the artwork and exhibits.

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Laelia is a classic European oak parquet woodblock floor. The distinctive flower and figure of quarter sawn oak is not only beautifully evident in the grain, but has the added advantage of offering increased stability to the floor.

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